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Job TitleIT Manager- Remote but need to be in Bay Area - ID:38206
Duration6 Months to Hire
Start DateASAP
Job SkillsMake decisions or options for the business needs to inform C level management.
Hands on type of person
Must have:
Knowledge of switch and router basic config (vlan, trunks, IP subnetting, …), Azure networking, Sonicwall, VPN, wireless
Network Security Implementation & Best Practices
Operational Best Practices
Azure Networking
VPN & SDWAN Technologies
Wireless & Related Security
Locationsunnyvale, CA (Remote)
Date Posted11/18/2021

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Information Technology Manager
This is a management-level position responsible for analyzing and directing all IT related activities of the firm with supervisory responsibilities for all staff assigned to the IT department. This position is accountable for ensuring continuity of compute, network, and security services and systems for computer users throughout the firm through planning, technical leadership, and project coordination.

Essential Functions
IT Management
Manages the development, documentation and implementation of operating procedures, and systems documentation, best practices, knowledge base, disaster recovery backup and recovery.
Develops system and organizational roadmaps that ensure business and service continuity. Develops tactical plans and ensures execution of plans.
Manages financial planning and budgets for the infrastructure group.
Liaisons with senior management, peers, and vendors to ensure that all new requests and designs are consistent with current operational standards and make the best use of resources.
Provides information processing, systems counseling and guidance to management personnel throughout the firm.
Develop and ensures compliance with all established policies and procedures and participates in ongoing activities such as incident response and disaster recovery exercises.
Leads the IT team in coordinating troubleshooting and appropriate resources to respond to major problems and incidents to ensure resolution. Provides leadership and direction through technical subject matter expertise to team members.
Evaluates performance and makes recommendations for personnel actions; motivates employees to achieve peak productivity. Responsible for employee development, including hiring, cross training, retention, and performance evaluations of staff.
Manages maintenance to minimize production downtime and maximize network productivity.
Plans upgrades/expansions by ensuring changes are in place and implemented as necessary.
Manage all vendor relationship and negotiates and manages vendor service agreements, including management of all software licensing and maintenance contracts
Responsible for all hardware acquisitions consistent with the business plan of the firm.

Technical Skills
Manages the development of network design, and ongoing review of system configurations in collaboration with relevant team members.
Monitors network utilization to ensure sufficient bandwidth, resources, and licensing are available to meet user demand.
Ensures all networking software and hardware versions, maintenance levels, registration and inventory and provides upgrades as necessary to ensure appropriate security and patch levels are maintained.
Manages day-to-day network operations, escalations, ticketing and communications.

Required Education and Experience
Bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or equivalent experience.
The knowledge and skills required for this position are typically acquired in 5 to 10 years of experience in managing one or more information processing functions (operations, development, etc.) and/or through advanced training.
Technical or on-the-job training in programming and hardware installation and maintenance is also required for the Manager to work along with the staff in the effective development of the information systems.
Frequent reading of periodicals and other literature on the state-of-the-art and data processing as well as attendance at vendor-sponsored and other seminars is required in order to maintain the level of familiarity with the subject matter required to fill this position.
Advanced training through technical institutions and/or colleges is also necessary to maintain skills to develop the systems necessary for the firm's success.
The ability and skill to program, setup, and manage hardware is necessary for a department of this size. Technical skills play a large role in this position.
Knowledgeable of switch and router configurations (vlan, trunks, IP subnetting)
Network Security Implementation & Best Practices
Operational Best Practices
Azure Networking
Sonicwall experience
VPN & SDWAN Technologies
Wireless & Related Security

Preferred Education and Experience
5+ years of experience maintaining and troubleshooting servers
Management experience

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