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Job TitleFiber Optic/Electrical Engineer - ID:36442
Duration3 Months
Start DateASAP
Job SkillsFiber Optics, Electrical Engineering
LocationAtlanta, GA
Date Posted01/05/2021

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Our client, a leading provider of computing, applications management, IT procurement, network, and telecommunications services to public organizations, is looking to hire a Fiber Optic/Electrical Engineer.

Key Responsibilities
. Identify existing terminated and dark fiber in HJAIA AVS telecommunication room located lower level Concourse T adjacent to American Airlines Baggage Claim
. Physically locate terminated fiber optic cabling endpoints, trace fiber cables as needed from client telecom room to identify both start/end points
. Identify and document each endpoint of ISP/OSP fiber optic cable termination
. Identify connected and dark fiber that can be reclaimed for use
. Using a VFL, clean and verify both ends of all terminated fiber optic cables using available fiber, test available fiber strands that have a weak VFL signal to identify possible cause and provide a corrective action plan
. Test TWO available fiber strands on each buffer tube fiber with OTDR to verify fiber strands are intact and serviceable for use and provide printed test results (OTDR must have been calibrated within 6 months, provide printed copy of calibration)
. Clean and re-install dust covers on available fibers (provide dust covers as needed), verify cleanliness of connector end-face with fiber scope (provide client with 2each Fiber scopes with fiber adapters to verify work within 30 days after award)
 . Label IT racks with client provided label scheme, as needed
. Label both endpoint fiber patch panels and cross-connect patch panels of terminated fiber optic cabling (labeling scheme will be provided by client), fiber patch panel may have several fiber cables terminated in patch panel
. Fiber Patch Panels shall be labeled on Outside and Inside of fiber panel door identifying each coupler panel endpoint location (also, if fiber patch panel has a pull-out label panel, it shall be labeled to identify each coupler panel) client will provide labeling scheme
. Label all fiber optic patch cables from patch panel to equipment on both ends (Panduit Flag Labels p/n F100X150AJC or F100X150AJT on all fiber patch cables)
. Label existing installed fiber cable 6-12” from patch panel and service loops with highly visible self-laminating fiber labels (no hand-written labels are allowed anywhere)(Panduit PST-FO labels) client to provide label scheme
. Provide to client, 2 each Panduit LS8 handheld printers (p/n LS8EQ-KIT-ACS) within 30 days after award
. Contractor to provide three (3) possible fiber optic documentation software to document all fiber optic endpoint locations and terminations (software and license will be provided to DOA AVS department once software it is evaluated and approved by client)
. Document fiber optic cable using documentation software:
Type-SM/MM 50/62.5
Cable jacket type
Strand count
Termination connector type
Both end points (location, room #, special notes)
. Document “splice taps” locations (if documentation can be provided by client) and fiber strand numbers/buffer tubes
. Document all fiber optic connections from patch panel to equipment (format TBD)
. Document fiber strands available for use
. Document service loop locations and slack length in telecom rooms
. Document fibers that can be reclaimed for use

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