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Job TitleSenior IT Engineer with HPC experience - 100% remote - ID:35724
Duration6 - 12 Months
Start DateASAP
Job SkillsNetworking, Systems Administrator, High performance computing, Linux
LocationReno, NV
Date Posted05/20/2020

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Responsibilities include but are not limited to: creating, modifying and deleting user accounts, performing system back-ups, and maintaining system configuration files. Experience shall include the installation and configuration of hardware, operating systems, and commercial software packages. Ability to develop and implement enterprise backup/recovery strategies, server configuration and consolidation, and verification of the health and status of the entire IT infrastructure. Provide support for enterprise services such as DNS, NFS, security protection mechanisms, and the interoperability of UNIX and NT based systems.

Installation, configuration, tuning, troubleshooting and administration of:
Multi-vendor servers running numerous COTS, opensource, and in-house applications to accommodate HPC requirements
Multi-vendor servers running CentOS with direct attached, FC SAN storage or SSDs
Distributing computing tools such as ReS, LSF, and SLURM
HPC Rocks systems, HPC MPP clustered systems, Front End servers of Special Purpose devices (SPDs)
Multi-vendor filesystems such as XFS, GPFS and Lustre

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